Dorce’ Family Haiti Update Winter 2019

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Since this post, demonstrations have once again been taking place in Haiti, especially the capital city of Port-au-Prince. These demonstrations, unlike most others (demonstrations are not unusual in Haiti), are organized and planned. The people are angry and fed up with the current government and they are taking their anger to the streets. This has caused an already fragile situation to become worse. Many are stuck in their homes, schools have closed temporarily, gas and food prices have gone up (where they are even available – many stores have also closed), people are unable to work. We are safe, but ask for wisdom as we strive to be prudent in our every-day decisions during this time of more upheaval. Please pray for a peaceful resolution and for the people of Haiti to know God’s love.


Dorce’ Family Haiti Update Winter 2019

Dorcé Family

Wilckly, Dee, Ashley, Kelsey, Josiah
January-February 2018

(for complete version of newsletter, with photos, click here: Dorce Update February)

We are a month into the New Year, which is also a celebration of Haiti’s independence. The Haitians are very proud of their nation and their history, and many of the young people in the country are very angry from feeling abused and demeaned for so long (by other nations and their own), so they are taking their anger to the streets. This is the main reason for so much instability right now. Though much of the unrest is centered around the capital, Port-au-Prince, we have experienced the effects of it: higher prices for food and fuel, difficulty even finding fuel, limited travel due to road blocks, and the continued care for/housing of more people than our previous daily average, especially children. Please pray for peaceful resolutions to the people’s demands, and that God would work in the hearts of the Haitian people to help them realize how valuable they are to Him, and what is the appropriate way to help others recognize this.

Construction on the farm property (our current “headquarters”) continues slowly. About ¼ of the lower portion of the wall has been built. Please pray for patience: we know God’s timing is not ours, but sometimes it is hard to wait when there is hope that the completion of these projects will provide a daily income to fuel the ministry!

We appreciate your prayers for the churches: we are praising the Lord that there has been some reconciliation among the congregation in Verrettes where one of the church leaders left, after stirring up dissension, due to significant conflicts with others, which threatened the harmony of the entire congregation. He has returned with humility and is again working in the church, which is growing and healing. They are even putting together their own resources to add onto the church building, so we contributed what we could to their efforts.

Please be in prayer for the people of the Kat Kalen church. Many of the leaders are trying to stir up some of the same dissension Verrettes experienced, and are encouraging a legalism that is fostering much discontent. Please pray for conviction and healing in this congregation, and for wisdom as Wilckly and Pastor Quene assume more leadership responsibility again until the situation is remedied.

The congregations at La Saline and Nazon (in Port-au-Prince) continue to grow and thrive. They have been in the middle of some of the areas of unrest which has caused fear and uncertainty, so they are in need of encouragement, and we are hopeful to be able to visit them again soon.

Please continue to pray for our students and teachers at Carries. They have tried to maintain some normalcy among all of the turmoil of the country and the local area. Praise: we have ten 9th grade students registered to take the state exam! This time last year we never expected to have a school going all the way through 9th grade, though we have always envisioned it. Thank you to all who make it possible by sponsoring students and teachers’ salaries. Thank you for your prayers and partnership. “We “always thank God for all of you…” 1 Thessalonians 1:2.


With Love,

The Dorcés


You can help us spread the gospel to children in Haiti through the written word!

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Ministry Opportunity:

Since Shaina’s job changed to a State-side position, we have been looking for someone to come teach the kids (Kelsey and Josiah)! Please contact Shaina at: [email protected] for details on the job description if you are interested!

Please pray for me (Dee), as I will be homeschooling the kids until this position is filled, and for wisdom and energy to also accomplish all the tasks and demands of the ministry.

Thank you for your faithful partnership!

With Love, The Dorcés

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