Our Churches & Schools

MCBH disciples multiple national churches, some of which were planted by the Dorces. We also run a Christian school in Carrie, Haiti, and provide support to other schools throughout central Haiti.

 Our Churches & Schools

Our goal is to encourage those in the churches and help to better equip and train those already in the area on how to best serve those churches. Our goal with the schools is, of course, to help them learn to read and write. Our main goal however, is to take advantage of the great freedom we have to share Christ boldly, right in the classroom.

Your generous donation will help us achieve these goals, and better the lives of many children in need.  

15 of the Churches We Support:

Carries Church

Counold Church

Cupois Church

Montrois Church

Verettes Church

Nazon Church

Montagne Terible Church

Mornesable Church

La Saline Church

Grobert Church

Douwa Church

Bigarad Church

Liencourt Church

Kamicho Church

Lotboray Church

Our Mission School:

Carries School