Wilckly and Dee Dorcé

 Directors of Berea Christian Mission

Carries, Haiti

Our Ministry is a daily endeavor among the Haitian people…..

Wilckly Dorce’ (Kiki) is a Haitian national, born and raised in the country of Haiti. Dee Dorce’ (Mdme Kiki) is an Iowa farm girl transplanted in Haiti. Dee has lived with her husband in Haiti for over 17 years with their 3 beautiful children…Ashley, Kelsey and Josiah.  Functioning as “Berea Christian Mission” in Haiti, through much prayer and the leading of the Holy Spirit, the Dorce’s have established and are the founders of BHI….Blessing Hearts International 

This US/State-side ministry functions as a supporting board of directors to the Dorce’s as they partner in ministry as a non-profit organization.  Both are unified and work together to MAKE MUCH OF JESUS!

“We live in the village of Carries. Our ministries include a medical clinic, several Christian churches, six Christian schools, and outreaches to many other Christian churches in the mountains and surrounding areas. Our goal is to encourage those in the churches and help better equip and train those already in the area how to best serve those churches. Our goal with the schools is of course to help them learn to read and write. Our main goal however is to take advantage of the great freedom we have to share Christ boldly… right in the classroom. Our goal is to win others to Christ….one by one.” ~The Dorce’s~