Dorcé Family Haiti Update July 2019

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Dorcé Family, July 2019

Wilckly, Dee, Ashley, Kelsey, Josiah

“Therefore the Lord waits to be gracious to you, and therefore He exalts Himself to show mercy to you. For the Lord is a God of justice; blessed are all who wait for Him.”  Isaiah 30:18

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It is with heavy hearts that we write to tell you of the passing of one of our brothers: Jak Odije. Odije was an elder and influential leader in our Coupois church in the mountains. We learned he was sick only days before we were informed of his death. We had no idea how sick he was, and we still don’t have very many details. To honor his memory we would like to share the story of his granddaughter, which some of you may have heard, as he was one of the many people God used to bring about a miracle in her life:

Lonia’s Story:

It was our first time visiting the mountain church, though we had been sending help and advice for some time. After the service we were invited behind the building to the house of the head elder where his family had prepared us a meal. He asked us if we would like to meet his granddaughter. Suddenly we were staring at the bare bottom of a tiny 9 month old, eyes huge, belly huger. He was showing us that she had been born without a rectum or any kind of opening for solid waste to pass from her body. Everything she ate was just piling up inside her tiny body, slowly poisoning her. Her parents had been to multiple hospitals and none of them could help or promise her survival. But her grandpa, Jak Odije, wasn’t giving up. We were his last hope.

We got home and instantly began making emails and phone calls to our contacts in the U.S. We invited the family to move down from the mountain and live with us where the baby, Lonia, could receive better care until we could find a way to get her the help she needed. In an amazing set of events that only God could have orchestrated, Lonia received a medical visa and passport in less than two months, record time for any foreign country, let alone Haiti, and our contacts had found a pilot and agency willing to fly us anywhere in the Midwest and get us out to California, where we had found a doctor who offered to operate on Lonia for free AND let us stay in his house while she recovered.

Lonia was 11 months old when we left Haiti and flew to California. We were there a day when she began vomiting, a sign that she was near the end, so she was rushed to the hospital and immediately put through an emergency surgery in which her intestines were scraped clean and untangled, and she received a colostomy bag.

For a few weeks after this surgery Lonia still seemed lethargic and uninterested in food. One day while changing her diaper they discovered her incision had come open and all of her  intestines had spilled out of her stomach. She was once again rushed to the hospital and another surgery was performed, in which the first operation was reversed and Dr. Gates and his medical team were able to create a rectum and all other necessary parts for Lonia’s excretory system.

When Lonia came out of this surgery she was like a new person. She smiled and laughed and sang. She began eating everything that was put in front of her and soon began walking as well. She and Kelsey were the best of friends; they called each other sisters.

Today Lonia is a bundle of joy and personality. She is a talented singer and dancer, and is beautiful inside and out. Her life is a testament to God’s grace and power. She would not be alive today if it were not for the people God placed in her life, especially her grandpa, Jak Odije, who did not give up hope that his granddaughter could be cured, even when a hospital in Haiti told her parents to just leave her on the doorstep on the way out, knowing she wouldn’t survive.

We thank God for Lonia, we thank God for His miracle in her life, and today we remember and are grateful for Jak Odije, Lonia’s grandpa who is an example of faith and perseverance for all of us.

With Love,

The Dorcés


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 Please pray for me (Dee), as I will be homeschooling the kids until this position is filled, and for wisdom and energy to also accomplish all the tasks and demands of the ministry.


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With Love, The Dorcés


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