Dorce’ Family Haiti Update September/October 2019

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Dorcé Family Haiti Update

Wilckly, Dee, Ashley, Kelsey, Josiah
September/October 2019

The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous man runs into it and is safe.”   Proverbs 18:10

(September/October 2019 Newsletter: Dorce Update Sept-Oct)

Please Pray:

  • For wisdom, prudence and clarity in decision making: we are in a rare and unique situation in that we are all “stuck” in the U.S. and for now believe God is keeping us here for a reason. But we still have many decisions to make with/regarding our people there in Haiti. In light of the current situation it can be easy to make decisions out of panic or fear and we desire that God control every step we and those on the ground take in order that He may be glorified and all remain under His protection.
  • For the teachers and students when school starts up again: for safety, protection, and provision.
  • For our health: physical, emotional, and spiritual.
  • For unity among our people in Haiti and our team in the U.S.

Though the last couple of months have seemed relatively calm in Haiti, it is better described as a pot of simmering water with the lid on. The people are still very angry with the government and they are using the anniversary of a national coup this week and last as an excuse to take to the streets with more manifestations. This means school is postponed, banks are closed, the roads are blocked, and once again resources are limited and/or exorbitantly priced. There has been more violence than before and multiple police stations and government buildings have been set on fire. The police have lost control and the government seems content to just sit back and let the people figuratively and literally burn themselves to the ground.

Our people are having to ration food and water again as they are stuck and not able to get out. Please pray for provision and protection for our people and peace for the country of Haiti. Pray for the leadership, that they would actively pursue a solution to this unrest. Wilckly is looking for a way to get down there as soon as possible. He may have to return sooner than the rest of us. But we know that God is still God and in Him is our hope. In this world we will have troubles, but He has overcome the world (Jn. 16:33). Keep reading to find out how we are seeing evidence of His work in Haiti.

Family update:

 We are currently in Florida helping Ashley to get settled in her home near Tampa where she will be going to college this year. Please pray for her as she begins her junior year at a new school in a new state.

We are still waiting on Kelsey’s and Josiah’s renewed passports and cannot leave the country until we have them in hand. We think they are delayed because of the situation in Haiti. At this point we are waiting until things calm down to make any decision about leaving, but we are needed in Haiti!! Please pray that the passports come and the situation changes.

We are praising God for the generous response to the opportunity we presented to you about the matching funds grant offer from one of our partnering churches! We will soon be able to let you know the total funds that will be available to help us GREATLY in this time of upheaval and uncertainty.



A wedding may not seem like an extraordinary event. Nor may the image of children eating around a table strike a chord in you. But to us it is pictures like these that give us hope and remind us that God is still working among the people of Haiti. About a year or two ago we were praying and requesting and encouraging participation from all of you in our “wedding project.” Too many people in our churches in Haiti were in partnerships that were not God-honoring, but they wanted to serve!! We have done our best to provide the materials and resources needed for them to make the right decision to be married before God and the State. We are encouraged to know this is continuing, even when we are not physically present.


There are still “extras” living at our beach property, under our care. The children pictured above are some of these. The fact that we are still able to feed, clothe, house, and provide medical care for them is a miracle of God’s provision, and proof of Him using your gifts and prayers. We don’t have the resources to keep this up, and the situation in Haiti continues to grow more desperate, yet God continues to provide. Please pray for us to trust in His faithfulness, and that we would be faithful in return to use this opportunity to share the gospel with these “extras” under our roof. Pray that we would be an accurate representation of His love to them.

If you missed us this summer and would like an update on the ministry in Haiti, please contact Shaina Ascone at (309) 255-5393 or email: [email protected].

With Love,

The Dorcés


You can help us spread the gospel to children in Haiti through the written word!

 We want to continue bringing these books and others that LATM offers in Creole. Visit this link:  for cost info and send a note with your check specifying which books you want to help us purchase.


The Nehemiah Project:

You can help us build the wall around our mission headquarters! Each section of the wall is about $250. Will you help us build a section?


Ministry Opportunity:

Since Shaina’s job changed to a State-side position, we have been looking for someone to come teach the kids (Kelsey and Josiah)!  Please contact Shaina at [email protected] for details on the job description if you are interested!

Please pray for me (Dee), as I will be homeschooling the kids until this position is filled, and for wisdom and energy to also accomplish all the tasks and demands of the ministry.


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