Haiti Happenings August 2018

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Haiti Happenings

August 2018

Dear Family,

After a summer of travel and constant change (church camp, speaking engagements, visiting family; lots of moving around and never staying in the same place twice!) it is nice to be back home and in a semi-normal routine again. But even as I sit back in my chair to type, finding delight in the comfort of the familiar and feeling like I can breathe again, I sense a sharp reminder that there are other places in the world that one can never feel this way. I’ve lived it. The nature of Haiti means one can never know what to expect, except just that: one can never know what to expect. The nature of Haiti is change. Constant change. Sometimes for the worse. Sometimes for the better. The nature of Haiti is that nothing is sure or constant or routine. I can rarely appreciate my “constants” without being reminded of Haiti’s exact opposite.

I love hearing from the Dorcés and their stories of what’s going on there in Haiti, of their daily life, because it brings me back. But it also reminds me not to let myself get too comfortable here. Not to take it for granted. Because their stories also contain prayer requests about struggles and fears and difficulties that inevitably come when one’s country has the nature I described above.

Please join me in praying for the Dorcé family as they prepare to return to Haiti next month, and for the people of Haiti. Pray that though all around them is like sifting sand they will find surety in The Rock. Pray that God’s unchanging nature would be their hope and stay. Pray that He would be their comfort, their fortress, and their helper.

“La Jeunesse”

One of Wilckly’s young cousins, also a boy they helped to raise, started a youth group at our Carries church. As with most church-related things in Haiti the majority of people attending are girls, but there are a couple of boys. The team that visited in June got to meet them and join them during one of their meetings, and we also got to serve them a meal. They are a fun group of young people, with a desire not only to dig deeper and learn more about what it means to be a Christian, but also to use the meetings as times they can learn a new skill or trade. Please pray for these young men and women, that they will grow in Christ and reach out to their community, and that their greatest desire would be to glorify God in whatever they say and do.


Thank you for your partnership!

With Love in Christ,

Shaina Ascone


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