Haiti Happenings March 2019

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“And now, O Lord, for what do I wait?

My hope is in You.”

Psalm 39:7

 (for full version of this newsletter, with photos, click here: Haiti Happenings March)


Dear Family,

Thank you for your prayers for the Dorcés and the rest of my Haiti family, and for all of your concerned questions about their safety and well-being, and about the country of Haiti. Though things in Port-au-Prince seem to have quieted down for the time-being, now there has been a resurgence of the violent land disputes in Carries. The mountain people attacked again, killed a young man and kidnapped a few others. Our people are safe (Wilckly and Dee moved most of them across the road to the beach or farm) and most others have left the village or moved away from its center. School could not be held this week. They have to ration food and water and other supplies since their travel is limited and they have more mouths to feed again.

Besides the usual expense reporting, communicating with supporters, and scheduling dates to speak at churches (now that the weather is more travel-conducive), I have been trying to make the best use of my time by writing (the Creole Sunday school curriculum), praying, reading (materials to help me better lead short term teams and also lots of C.S. Lewis – he certainly had a handle on joy: he defined it as the desire for Something more; joy is the reminder that this isn’t all there is), and praying some more. It is hard to feel stuck and useless when loved ones are suffering, so God has been teaching me how not to wallow in despair but to use the time to seek Him, search the Scriptures, and intercede on their behalf. Often Haiti’s situation can appear very hopeless, but we know in Whom is our hope!

These prayer requests remain:

Please pray

  1. For the health, safety and protection for the Dorcé family and those under their care.
  2. That God would give Wilckly and Dee wisdom and clarity of heart and mind as they make difficult decisions.
  3. For peace for Haiti and its people.  

Please also pray

  For miraculous provision of food, money, and supplies through God’s intervention.

If you would like to make a contribution, please make checks out to:

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