Haiti Happenings October 2017

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Haiti Happenings

October 2017

(for full version of this update with photos click here: Haiti Happenings October)

Dear Family,

Last week I had the privilege of exploring the Milwaukee Art Museum while visiting my cousins in the Chicago area. The reason we chose that particular museum is because it has a wing dedicated to and displaying Haitian art. My cousin (who went to Haiti with me last July) had discovered it last year and wanted to share it with me. Though much of the beautiful metal work and paintings revealed an aspect of Haitian culture that is fearsome and unfortunate (to say the least): voodoo, there were many that simply portrayed every-day life, such as working in the fields, weddings, and funerals.  I was surprised to find such a striking resemblance between the painting I included below and the photograph I took in Haiti a few years ago (featured above). Apparently not a whole lot has changed in 60 years.

I found it interesting that there was not one piece depicting only landscape or objects. Every piece included people, and usually large groups of people. Noticing this reminded me of an aspect of Haitian culture that probably changed me the most while I was there: their sense of community. The people of Haiti certainly know what it means to band together, to do life together. Having come from such an individualistic society, though I am an introvert, this was remarkably refreshing. Of course I am not saying that Haitians’ sense of community is perfect: there are definitely underlying feelings of fear and distrust caused by a history of voodoo beliefs and practices, and often their “banding together” is not for a constructive purpose, but there was still something about living life in a group, as a group, with every action affecting the group, that gave me a sense of the way things are supposed to be. The way God wants us to live. With others. For others. As a community.

Precious in His Sight:

all the little children…We have exciting news!!!

LATM finally received permission to print “Happy New Birth Day!” in Creole!

*Recap: We have been waiting over a year for permission from the Haitian Bible Society to use their version (the only version in Haitian Creole) of the Bible in our translation of “Happy New Birth Day!” by Kim Mallette, a friend of Dee’s. LATM is also printing a coloring book about “The Life of Christ” translated into Haitian Creole!

We can’t wait to distribute these among the children of Haiti! Please pray starting now for those children who will be receiving the gospel message in print.

Thank you for your continued prayers for: Woodjerry, Jeannette, Djeunica, Dady, Dadou, Naphcar, Saviola, Djouly, Alexandra, Fernando, Mizepam, Bianca, Glorieuse & Kenchira, Sondaire &  Roxanne, Djeffy & Evny, Angelo & Krisno, Mylove, Woodensky, Sovensky, Wedson, Aline, Woodmika, Sarondina, Kiki, Kenson, Joanel and family, Djerry, Ti Mami, Jolencia, Ashley, Kelsey, and Josiah.

Thank you for your partnership!

With Love in Christ,

Shaina Ascone

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