Haiti Happenings Sept. – Oct. 2018

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Haiti Happenings

Sept. – Oct. 2018


Dear Family,

“Then He said to His disciples, ‘The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. 

Therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest.'”

Matthew 9:37-38

Watching all of these tractors and combines in the fields surrounding my house puts harvest on my brain. The corn and beans are going down, the silos are being filled. But conversations with my farmer friends have put a new perspective on this season in my mind…I grew up in the Midwest, but no one in my family is a farmer so there are many aspects of this job I do not understand. I have always assumed harvest season was one of joy and celebration (if the crop yield is good). I never realized before how stressful this time can be for farmers…the smallest things can bring their work to a slamming halt, meaning they might not get their crops in at the right time, or that the crops won’t be dry enough to store. It is not until every last bean and kernel of corn are stored and dried properly in the silos, all the fields are prepped for the winter, and all the machines are back in the barns, that they can celebrate and relax. Until that time everything is rushed, harried, and everyone works long hours (many times over-night) in the fields.

Realizing this puts a lot more urgency into the verse above. I have heard and read this verse so many times and planned to include it in this letter without realizing what it was saying. Not enough workers?? That’s one of the worst things that could happen to a farmer during harvest season! Especially when the yield is abundant…having the crops but not having the help to bring it in makes for an over-worked, worn-out, burnt-out farmer. And that is exactly what has happened on the mission field. Now I know what Jesus was saying. Do I have that sense of urgency about His harvest? About the souls in His fields? Am Ibeseeching (another urgent word) Him?

I have seen firsthand what too much work and not enough workers does to those who are working. In Haiti the situation always seems desperate. Wilckly and Dee say that they are constantly in a 24-hr. state of emergency. They have to be extremely cautious and very intentional about resting and boundaries, because burnout is lurking right around the corner. We need beseechers. We need more workers. Have you prayed about the Harvest today? Have I?


“Bon Nouvo Fèt”

I am still taking any and all “Bon Nouvo Fèt” (Happy New Birthday) books with me whenever I go to Haiti! I just need help purchasing them. LATM (Literature and Teaching Ministries in Joplin, MO, also a non-profit organization) only charges $5 a book. Can you help me get more of these into the hands of the Haitian people? They are written for children, but the adults love them, too. Who wouldn’t? They are beautiful, colorful, and written in their own language. And the best part about them is that they contain the ENTIRE gospel message in an engaging way. Send your gift, made out to Blessing Hearts International to the address below, with a sticky note attached specifying “Bon Nouvo Fèt” books. And THANK YOU for partnering with me in this way!!!

Autumn activities:

  • November 2nd – Speaking in Pittsfield, IL
  • Nov. 10th – “Hats Off to Haiti” at the Altrusa Bazaar in Macomb, IL (selling home-made hats to raise money for our childrens’ programs in Haiti)
  • Nov. 16th-22nd – In Haiti


Thank you for your partnership!

With Love in Christ,

Shaina Ascone


If you would like to make a contribution, please make checks out to:

Blessing Hearts International

and mail to:

Shaina Ascone

12395 N. 650th Rd.

Macomb, IL   61455


For more information:

E-mail:  [email protected]

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