Haiti Happenings September 2017

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Haiti Happenings

September 2017

  (for full version of this update with photos click here: Haiti Happenings September)

Dear Family,

Harvest time. All over the world harvest season is a sign of blessing, a reason for celebration, a time to gather and store up and be thankful. Those of us in the U.S. think of Thanksgiving: the pilgrims, corn and turkey. Too often, though, I think we forget or at least down-play the reason our ancestors had a day of Thanksgiving. They had suffered two long years of drought, starvation, sickness and death. They didn’t know if they were all even going to make it through alive. Though I’m sure they had doubts and fears, they still chose to trust God. They believed He was with them in their decision to come to a new world, and they had faith in His providence. Even in the valley of the shadow of death, they believed Him.

The Caribbean and southern U.S. have suffered numerous devastating hurricanes in the last couple of cyclone seasons, which means many of those countries will not be producing much of a harvest for a while. I am most familiar with Haiti: last fall Hurricane Matthew destroyed crops and homes and killed thousands on the southern coast. This fall there has of yet been no loss of life, but Irma caused more loss of crops and homes in the north, and Maria is now threatening the same area. Because a bountiful harvest is such a rare occurrence for these countries, they truly know how to be grateful when it does happen.

If we focus on the facts and figures, this can be incredibly depressing…it seems like Haiti (and so many others) can never catch a break! But I would like to ask you (along with myself…this is something I am trying to work on), to turn these thoughts into prayers. God, after all, created Haiti and the entire Caribbean, and He loves those people. God is still sovereign. God is still faithful and compassionate. God is still trustworthy. He has not changed. He hears our questions and doubts and calms our fears. When you are afraid or frustrated or downright angry at the apparently never-ending natural disasters in the south (as I often am!), turn to Him. Use the time to pray:

– pray that the Dorces and other missionaries would be able to work through these disasters to bring glory to God by helping those affected, by sharing God’s love

– pray that the Haitian people would see their need for God as they realize how fragile is their existence; that they would learn to trust Him in the valley of the shadow

– pray for wisdom, perseverance, and unconditional love to fill the missionaries working in these places


Precious in His Sight:

Ashley, Kelsey and Josiah

I’ve heard that being an MK (Missionary Kid) is like being a PK (Pastor’s Kid) and a military kid at the same time. Having lived with and been a teacher to missionary kids, I’m pretty sure that’s quite accurate. Not only is everyone looking to them to set an example and be just like their parents, they also grow up in two (sometimes more) very different cultures: the culture of the country where their parents grew up, and the culture of the country where their parents have been called to serve. This can cause their lives to feel very topsy-turvy at times.

I normally use this section of my letters to share stories of native Haitian children who are being touched by the ministry God has given the Dorces. But since I moved back to the U.S. and am no longer the teacher for Ashley, Kelsey and Josiah (their mom is doing a great job with that, now just with the younger two!), much of what I write has not included detailed updates on them. Ashley, Kelsey, and Josiah are just as much in need of your prayer (if not more so!) as all the other children I write about.

So, though I do not have space here to write whole stories about each of them, I would like to include some prayer requests and a reminder that, as you pray for missionaries your church supports, PLEASE do not forget to pray for their children, too!

– Being a MK in Haiti (and most other places!) can be very lonely. Kelsey and Josiah do not have many close friends their ages. Please pray that God would be very near to their hearts and that He would always be the first one they turn to when they feel alone or sad.

– Pray that K and J would be motivated to do their best in their school work.

– Pray for Ashley, as she is in her freshman year at the University of Iowa.

– Pray for A, K, and J, that they would serve and follow Jesus with all their hearts and be a shining light to all around them, in Haiti and Iowa.

Thank you for your continued prayers for: Woodjerry, Jeannette, Djeunica, Dady, Dadou, Naphcar, Saviola, Djouly, Alexandra, Fernando, Mizepam, Bianca, Glorieuse & Kenchira, Sondaire &  Roxanne, Djeffy & Evny, Angelo & Krisno, Mylove, Woodensky, Sovensky, Wedson, Aline, Woodmika, Sarondina, Kiki, Kenson, Joanel and family, Djerry, Ti Mami, Jolencia.

Thank you for your partnership!

With Love in Christ,

Shaina Ascone


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