Hurricane Update

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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

First of all we want to thank you deeply for all of your prayers for the Dorces and for Haiti as we weathered this devastating storm, Hurricane Irma.

Irma skirted around the northern edge of Hispaniola, causing harm to crops and some homes in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, though damage was minimal in comparison to that suffered by many other islands in the Caribbean. As far as we know Irma caused no loss of life in Haiti, and all of our people are safe. Please continue to pray, though, as there is still a danger of mudslides. Also, the monsoon season in Haiti could last well into November, so pray that there will be no more tropical storms or hurricanes. Haiti is still recovering from the earthquake, Hurricane Matthew, and more.

The Dorces are still in the U.S. (their plans were to return to Haiti this month), and now with the hurricane crippling Florida airports and Jose following, their plans are at a standstill. Please pray for patience as they desperately want to be back in Haiti.

Again, thank you for your prayers and support!

In Christ,

Shaina Ascone

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