Lonia’s Story

Sweet Baby Lonia Ermilus

March 2008

Her parents never dreamed she would live to be one year old, especially when they were told to leave her at the hospital to die because there was no other option.

 This is her story.

Lonia Ermilus

A very small child of 9 months, is dying.

A Missionary’s plea to save her.

Prayers are lifted up.

From the mountains of Haiti…

Mountains of Haiti

You are the God who performs miracles; You display your power among the peoples.     Psalm 77:14

She is in God’s hands….

She is a miracle…….

God is at work in this suffering world, always at work to evoke a bit more compassion….Starting with me. -Author Unknown-

dee dorceHaiti Missionary – Dee Dorce’ (Mdme Kiki)

Weak and frail, baby Lonia was born with a severe birth defect.  With no physical external path to release her bowels, she filled up with toxins and poisons that invaded her small body, causing extreme pain and discomfort….threatening to take her life.

After meeting this sweet baby up in the Haitian mountains, Dee immediately sent out emails and pleas to the US for help in saving Lonia. The surgeries and care that is needed to save her is routine treatment in America. In Haiti, it is not.

“The Lord is near to all who call on Him: to all who call on Him in truth.”  Psalm 145:18

Lonia rests in the hands of the Great Physician…..Almighty God!

Dental Hygienist, Tammy Wood, shares this important email with co-workers. Friend and patient, Joe Tebo, makes arrangements with American Airlines to transport Dee and Lonia to the States from Haiti to begin her urgent treatment and health care needs.  Joe is also a pilot for ‘Earth Angels Aviators,’ and donates his flying time and helping hand to Dee and Lonia during their stay in the States.


This amazing miracle continues to unfold before our very eyes…..

lonia 215

Hand selected by God, Dr. Bob Gates of Sacramento, California…..

Dr. Bob Gates

……is obedient to God’s calling and donates his time and services to provide for Lonia’s care… at no cost.


Lonia 177

“For God alone my soul waits in silence, for my hope is from Him.”  Psalm 62:5

sick lonia    Lonia at the hospital

After multiple reconstructive surgeries…..Lonia’s health begins to improve.


Lonia hospital smile

Dee Dorce’ continued to temporarily live apart from her husband in Haiti, as she cared for Lonia here in the States. Although Lonia’s health improved daily, she needed to stay close to her doctors for intense care.  Lonia’s color, smile, appetite, sleep, spunk, and sparkle in her eyes became more apparent and routine each and every day!  To God we give all the glory!


Dr. Bob Gates and his wife, Beverly, take Dee and Lonia into their own home in California, to personally care for Lonia.


Lonia’s health improved enough to be released from the care of Dr. Gates. Before leaving, the Gates’ family threw Lonia a HUGE going away party inviting all of Lonia’s nurses and the community of people who cared for her in some way.  Joe and Charlotte Tebo and Tammy Wood flew in from St. Louis to help celebrate!





Lonia sitting in between two very important men in her life!

Lonia and 2 important men in her life

Lonia continues to live in the U.S. with her adoptive parents. She is a happy, joyful toddler who is living life to the fullest and is surrounded by many who love her and care for her.

She is learning of her Haitian culture and has since visited her family in Haiti.

“Here she is, alive and healthy.  She has had 4 major surgeries and will need more care as she grows.  She used to have a dull, sad and painful look in her eyes.  It has been replaced by a brilliant sparkle, full of life and a HUGE smile….with BIG dancing brown eyes that speak volumes. She is now a ball of fire instead of the listless little girl I brought on the plane from Haiti.”  Dee Dorce’

Yes, God is good……

Many have been inspired from Haiti to the US. Through this miracle, God has once again shown His amazing compassion and love through His people.

lonia 2Lonia May 2011

Lonia – May 2011

Lonia and her adoptive parents, The Bowens

Lonia with her U.S. adoptive parents, Charlie and Teresa Bowen


Lonia and her dad – 2013

Lonia 2014

Lonia – 2014


April 2015

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