Urgent Prayer Request

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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We are asking for your fervent prayers on behalf of the Dorcé family and the nation of Haiti. Since the last election in 2016 many have been unhappy with the president and his decisions (which is not unusual to the nature of Haiti), but this term has seen more unrest (manifestations against the political party and violence in the streets of the capital city) than the country has experienced for many years. This weekend the people have received notice that there could be widespread demonstrations throughout the capital city and they have been advised to stock up on supplies, remain at home and off the streets.

In addition, the village of Carries (where Berea Christian Mission/the Dorcés are based) has been experiencing violence and unrest completely unrelated to the political demonstrations in Port-au-Prince. People from the mountains are entering the village at night and have killed two people and burned some houses and a school (not ours). They are claiming the land the villagers are on (this land includes our church and school property, plus housing for several of our families) belongs to them. The government has been made aware of the situation, but thus far has done nothing about it. Most are afraid to sleep in their homes, and many have left the village all-together. Wilckly and Dee are housing, feeding and caring for 30-50 extra people on their properties as a result.

We do not fully comprehend what is going on, but we know that, more than ever, NOW is when we need you, our partners, our family in Christ, to unite with us in prayer over the situation. We need to pray for safety and protection for the Dorcés and those they are caring for. We need to pray for wisdom and clarity for Wilckly and Dee as leaders in the community. We need to pray for their health: physical, emotional, and especially spiritual. We must pray that God would shine His light in Haiti and break the bonds of dark fear Satan holds the people in.

Thank you for your prayers, and for your faithful support of this ministry. We know that no matter what, God is love and God is good.


Trusting Him,



David Dukes, Chair

Shaina Ascone, Secretary

Claire Keck, Treasurer

Dave Wood

Tammy Wood (Forwarding Agent)

Pat Dukes

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