Train for Service

Train for Service:

After the earthquake in January 2011, many of our supporters worked together to send us much-needed vehicles and construction equipment. Blessing Hearts International now owns a backhoe loader, two school buses, a rollback truck, a block machine, and more. The need for people to operate, maintain, and repair these vehicles provided us with another opportunity
to make a difference in the lives of the Haitian people. There are many young Haitian men who perhaps were not able to attend school when they were children, but they are eager to learn a trade that will be beneficial to them and their families. We have begun a program that will train them in construction, welding, and mechanics, and also require them to attend classes and church services that will disciple and train them in spiritual leadership. We are looking for others who would back our efforts in this new project by funding it, donating more equipment and supplies, and coming to visit our ministry as a trainer for these young men.

Train for Service


Blessing Hearts International is currently in the middle of numerous construction projects intended to advance our ministry and administration. We are building a dormitory/cafeteria/storage room, a multi-purpose center for church and school use, and new office buildings. Two of our churches/schools are under construction, and most are in need of repairs or new buildings due to hurricane and earthquake damage. Our plan is to use shipping containers in this construction process (as shown in the photo below) because these containers are able to withstand weather better than most structures.

Building with Shipping Containers